Every country has its own laws, malady rules, regulations and customs which relate to setting up and managing a company. Corporate governance is the operational practices, management protocols, and other governing rules or principles by which these companies are controlled. St. Kitts and Nevis are no exception, having a distinct corporate culture which is unique to the area. Caribbean Governance Consultancy Inc. offers an effective system of corporate governance advisory that will increase an organization’s transparency and accountability both internally and externally. If you are a foreign investor and keen to become informed on the best way of doing business in this part of the world, one of the many courses and seminars we provide through our corporate governance consultancy would be an ideal solution.

Full Range of Corporate Services in St. Kitts

We offer assistance with all the technical aspects of incorporation and registration in St. Kitts. As there are far fewer restrictions and tax implications for businesses on the island compared with the U.S. and Europe, business owners and entrepreneurs from these areas value the opportunity to understand more about how the local economy works and how to maximize the advantages in which it brings.

Caribbean Corporate Governance

Our selection of user-friendly, accessible course and seminars offer appropriate training for all levels of your organization. Whether you need specific strategic information for CEOs, shareholders and the senior management team, or operational information for departmental heads, we can provide a suitable schedule which includes a selection of key details. We can also offer on-going assistance for new businesses, while keeping them informed of new developments as well as providing exciting networking opportunities.

Corporate Governance Training by Experienced Providers

Our well-established corporate governance consultancy utilizes staff with an excellent knowledge of trading, corporate requirements and potential investment opportunities in the local area. We are a well-known provider of high caliber information and training which can maximize the chances of sustainable business success. For further information, or to book your place on one of our forthcoming events, call us now at (869) 465-0051.

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